Energy Performance

Thierry Klemeniuk is marketing Energy Performance in the U.S. and Europe.

Through him, Energy Performance has already helped Olympic athletes to beat world records, including three Olympic medals in London in 2012, and world tennis leaders to win major competitions.

This unique approach to vision and life is also very appreciated by decideurs and entrepreneurs as it allows to increase the potential of the human being naturally. It does not use any product or machine and is therefore consistent with the World Anti Doping Code.

Thierry was also able to market this revolutionary technique with movie stars and bllionaires. Thierry was able to convince Oscar winner actors and actresses to do the program and make testimonies about the benefits of Energy Performance.



Kellie Wells médaillée de Bronze au JO de Londres en 2012
Kylie Minogue et Edouard Brault
Lisalla Montenegro
Félix Sanchez médaillé d'Or au JO de Londres en 2012
Françis Obikwelu champion d'Europe Indors en 2011 à Paris
José Garcia et Edouard Brault
Louis Clementé devant la photo de Roberto Clementé, le meilleur joueur des Pirates

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