For nearly 25 years, Thierry Klemeniuk has been an influential entrepreneur and one of the most worldwide eminent specialists in Public Relations.

Associated with Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, John Malkovich and Mick Hucknall of Simply Red in the Man Ray restaurants in Paris and New York (250 employees, and an annual turnover of € 12 million for 7 years. He also managed The Palace (+ $ 12 million CA between 1986 and 1990 )

Thierry is also a music ( Bananarama and Rita Mitsouko ) and films (Abel Ferrara and Larry Clark) producer. He has also produced cult television shows and has been the executive director of the Paris Film Festival.

Instigator of the most important events of the Cannes Film Festival and the night Paris, he received the confidence of the biggest international stars, whether his former associates in the Man Ray, or Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono, Jack Nicholson, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many others with whom he has repeatedly worked.

He also brings his knowledge to financial, technological and scientific innovations. He likes to share his network for every development and business strategy.

His motto : Increasing the potential of a company with humanistic and progressive values. Listen, dare and sustaine are the watchwords of his entrepreneurial commitment.

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