An active entrepreneur with expertise in technology, health, and lifestyle, Thierry Kléméniuk has extensive experience in European and North American bilateral venture capital, public relations, and event management. 

Well-connected in the media industry's global elite, Klemeniuk led the Paris, New York Man Ray Restaurant venture with Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, John Malkovich and Mick Hucknall (Simply Red).

In addition to the Man Ray, Thierry also managed the Palace, one of Paris' most notable nightclubs. In addition to thesis iconic entertainment gathering spots,
Kléméniuk has maintained close associations with some of the world’s leading celebrities includingLeonardo DiCaprio, Bono, Jack Nicholson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and many others. Klemeniuk also works in film and served as Executive Director of the Paris Film Festival.

Today Klemeniuk leads TK USA Development, Inc., an American company with offices in Los Angeles and Paris. The TK USA Dev. boutique relies on its founder's progressive venture capital network, his visionary movement in early-stage medi and health tech, his triple "A" reputation among celebrities, and his core humanitarian beliefs that business, finance, and technology must increase the human condition. 

Listen, Dare, Lead, Sustain. These are the four cornerstones of TK USA Dev.'s modus operandi. 

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