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Thierry's Story


Thierry has a unique profile. He does what he loves and loves what he does and the people he works with. His professional identity is both rich and diverse.


Thierry has asserted himself as a key strategic partner through hard work and great relationships. He is well connected with the media industry’s most influential personalities and has led prestigious ventures such as the Man Ray restaurants in Paris and New York with partners Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, John Malkovich and Mick Hucknall. He also managed the legendary Paris nightclubs: the Palace and Les Bains Douches. Thierry has also done work in the film industry as Executive Director of the Paris Film Festival. Today, Thierry aspires to leverage his close ties with some of the world’s most admired celebrities and change makers to promote the projects he supports, his core humanitarian beliefs and his vision for a better world.


With multiple professional identities forged by many years of experience, Thierry has a unique know-how in the business arena. He navigates with ease between topics such as new technologies, the environment, luxury goods & services and lifestyle (savoir-vivre), all fields that he masters perfectly. Thierry adapts himself to each project, situation, and person by bringing in his best resources for the benefit of all.

These are the words that best describe Thierry, but what he loves most is meeting and connecting people who have a shared purpose and helping them bring to life projects that have a strong potential to leave a positive impact on our planet.

Today, Thierry Klemeniuk directs TK Consulting, an American company with offices in Los Angeles and Paris, whose ambition is to make the world a better place by transforming innovative ideas into sustainable and successful global businesses.